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The first episode of Navillera will be launched on Netflix on Monday, March twenty second, 2021. It’s noticeable straight away the distinction between Lee Chae-rok and Deok-chul — one of them has an awesome ardour for ballet, while the other sees it as a chore. Sim Deok-chul attends a ballet night, and he’s delighted with the performance. Deok-chul appears to be holding remorse on his shoulders in terms of dancing, while Lee Chae-rok looks to be held back, a heavy burden inflicting him. Afterwards, Lee Chae-rok meets his pal at a pharmacy and asks for assistance on his knee; he’s clearly holding an injury.

Gyo-seok grew to become intoxicated with the ocean and acknowledged that his pain is getting worse — he was dying. Deok-chul cries, knowing his good friend is gone, however he hopes he noticed the ocean one final time. Navilleraepisode 1 hones in on remorse and the way it may be the most dismantling feeling in life — the story is a reminder that we must always try and reside life so we can have fewer regrets later. Navilleraepisode 1 delves into Deok-chul’s family life, and it’s no surprise he’s on the lookout for an outlet. It’s his 70th birthday, so he attends a gathering along with his household. There’s loads of dysfunction within the family, and there’s barely any dialogue about his precise birthday.


There’s a wedge between them that goes past the parent/baby relationship. The next day, a pal named Gyo-seok rings Sim Deok-chul and asks the place he is. His wife wonders why Gyo-seok’s household by no means visits him, which is why he relies on Sim Deok-chul. Later on, Gyo-seok leaves Sim Deok-chul a letter thanking him for visiting when his family abandoned him a 12 months ago.


Those elements are part and parcel for this type of melodrama; fortunately, the premise is unusual, and the key performances are strong sufficient to chop by way of many scenes of overheated brooding. Based on a webtoon of the identical name, “Navillera” is about Shim Duk Chool , who begins ballet on the age of 70, and Lee Chae Rok , a 23-12 months-old ballerino who will get misplaced while chasing his dreams. Deok-Chool in the meantime continues to deliberate over his life selections. Now retired however constantly thinking back over his days of ballet, this 70 12 months old celebrates his birthday but it’s mired in drama.

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Finally, Lee Chae Rok begins to assist Shim Duk Chool whereas asking why he desires to be taught ballet at his age. Shim Duk Chool responds, “I additionally wished to fly as soon as before I die.” As Lee Chae Rok seems to hit a wall in progress, Shim Duk Chool continues to praise him and imagine in him. For Deok-Chool, his entire motivation is clinging to the fragments of youth that are slowly slipping away with the sands of time. By comparison, we’ve received Chae-Rok who’s going through the motions and struggling to search out himself.

I was devastated to see that friend who wanted to be a sailor, not having the ability to obtain his dream. When Deok-Chool was a boy he was impressed by the beauty of dance, however his father dismissed dance as something a real man wouldn’t do. Netflix The characters’ fates first turn out to be entwined when Deok-chool sees Chae-rok dancing alone in a studio and it reminds him how much he loves ballet. His spirits soar while watching a efficiency of Swan Lake and he finds himself drawn again to the studio where he saw Chae-rok dance. Navilleraepisode 1 builds the foundations of a heartwarming story that brings ballet because the commonality. Expect unhappy moments but in addition moments of triumph because the sequence progresses.

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